Lysander 161 Special Duty Squadron RAF

Part of the Shuttleworth Collection. The Lysander with distinctive extra fuel tank bolted between its undercarriages to allow the aircraft to fly deep into occupied France and return to RAF Tangmere during ‘pickup’ operations (delivering and extracting SOE, MI9, SIS, RF agents). Also distinguishable by the matt black fuselage and underside of wings to allow the aircraft to blend in with the moonlit sky and tops of wings camouflage to blend in with the ground when night fighters approached from above.

Alan Malcher

Know Your Ally: Johnny Britain (US Department of Defence 1942)

1942 Creator(s): Department of Defence. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer.

US Public information film introducing Americans to the following:

British, Empire and Commonwealth forces.

Differences and similarities between American and British society, culture, political systems and German propaganda attempts to break the alliance

Confusion between the shared language

Life in Britain during the war and the home front.