France under occupation: film footage taken at great risk by Gaston Madru.

Rare news footage of Nazi occupied France captured surreptitiously by a brave French cameraman, Gaston Madru, from 1942 to 1944. It gives a snapshot of everything from swastikas flying from French buildings to the German retreat from France in 1944. If caught Madru would have been executed.

Secrets of War, Espionage 04 Weapons of The Shadow War (SOE and OSS)

I decided to share this link after being asked what weapons SOE used. Although this film only covers a few of the weapons available to SOE agents it’s a good introduction.

The legendary William Fairbarin (aka the Shanghai basher and dangerous Dan) makes an appearance during his time in Canada but has been wrongly quoted.

During the re-enactment of training in Scotland we see two former members of SOE’s French Section, Harry Ree and Jacqueline Nearne.

Although there are a number of inaccuracies this film is still worth watching.

Operation Biting: 2 Para raid on Bruneval 1942.

In February 1942 men of the newly formed 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment (2 Para) were sent to Bruneval in northern France to seize German radar equipment.

My only criticism is one video shows German paratroopers exiting a German aircraft and a number of photographs of non-airborne forces used to illustrate the raid.  Apart from these errors, this video provides a good oral historical presentation of the Bruneval Raid which became one of the Battle Honours of the Parachute Regiment.