Cracking the Enigma Code Machine

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “Cracking the Enigma Code Machine”

  1. Enigma initially had nothing to do with the Nazis: it was a commercial machine for businesses needing secure communications. That’s how the Poles got a model.

    Apart from Enigma there was also the Lorenz Machine, more sophisticated, but in very limited numbers. Brigadier John Tiltman, one of the top codebreakers in Bletchley Park, took a particular interest in these enciphered teleprinter messages. They were given the code name “Fish”. The messages which (as was later found out) were enciphered using the Lorenz machine, were known as “Tunny”. Tiltman knew of the Vernam system and soon identified these messages as being enciphered in the Vernam manner. The general staff (OKW) and Hitler had one.

    Apparently decrypts were obtained by the Soviets and played a great role in the battel of Kursk, where they knew in all detail the Nazi order of battle. I don’t know whether the decrypts were provided by the British governent or by espionage.

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