Netherlands Under German Occupation during WW2

Netherlands during (tijdens) WW2 1940-45, by Michael Rogge, provides an American perspective which does not mention the Battle of Arnhem and other important British and Canadian operations. 

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

3 thoughts on “Netherlands Under German Occupation during WW2”

  1. Well, Market Garden wasn’t such a success. If it had been the war would have substantially shortened and the western allies would have been first in Berlin. But shortcuts are often dangerous: overextension and underestimation of enemy forces. When allied troops were forced to withdraw temporarily, the Dutch, those from the resistance and others, who had openly welcome their liberation by the allies, suffered terrible reprisals. Polish general Stanisław Sosabowski had correctly predicted what risked to happen (by the way some family of his stayed in England, in an estate near Kew, Surrey, largely populated with Poles. )


    1. Agreed, but the point being made was this this presents a selective overview. No matter what the outcome I don’t believe one can mention Operation Market Garden without mentioning Arnhem and the film concentrates on the successful capture of the other bridges.


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