Modern Day Minutemen and Women: or how to save the 2020 election Kindle Edition

Another informative publication the contents of which are important anytime but especially now! By Paul Cobaugh

In the wake of foreign interference in the 2016 election, America’s 2020 election is still under assault by foreign enemies. This book, a first of its kind walks readers through Russian Narrative Warfare, why it worked and why we must mobilize true patriots in order to protect our birthright of free and fair 2020 elections. Influence operations are one of the single most effective weapons against the US and one in which we are grossly unprepared.

Donald Trump: The world watched the images of a would-be dictator

Personal opinion

Those who know me or have read my work are aware I don’t normally comment on the domestic politics of democratic nations unless these are connected with international security. I must also point out although I am a member of the Washington dc-based think-tank Narrative Strategies, I am not an American and I am not expressing the views of Narrative Strategies or those of my American friends.

I have watched in silence as President Donald Trump continues to erode America’s international political influence during which, through a combination of ignorance, his egotistical personality and lack of intellect has made the world a much less safe place.  We know Donald Trump either suffers from short term memory loss or is a blatant liar, and unlike the leaders of other democracies refuses to be held accountable to the people through a free and independent press which have a duty to professionally scrutinise and challenge political decisions and behaviour – this is essential for all democracies.

In the early hour of 2nd May 2020 on televisions throughout the world we saw images we normally only associate with dictatorships, but this was Washington dc.

Peaceful and I emphasise the word ‘Peaceful’ unarmed protesters of all colours and religions were violently pushed back and attacked with teargas and rubber bullets. The reason for the attack against American protesters is evident by the live television coverage which was seen across the world: like all the world’s dictators Donald Trump wanted a television moment to project him as a strong man in the hope of masking his weakness, insignificance and lack of intellect. This violence against the LAWFUL action of American citizens also gave Trump a photo opportunity to stand outside a church near the White House and raise a bible in the hope of appealing to the evangelical communities in America, but hopefully they will see through this immoral publicity stunt.  

“He took the symbols sacred to our tradition and stood in front of a house of prayer in full expectation that would be a celebratory moment… There was nothing I could do but speak out against that.” (Bishop Mariann Budde)

Under Donald Trump American democracy continues to be transformed into a dictatorship and like all dictators Trump is a weak and insignificant man abusing the power of office and has no regard for the people of his nation.  The big question is – will he keep his threat to use the military to control American citizens?

The Grey Zone: Hybrid Warfare

CSIS explores Russian, Chinese, and other countries’ use of disinformation, election meddling, and social media accounts to spread propaganda and sow division through gray zone tactics. 

Gray Zone Tools: Economic Coercion CSIS explores Chinese, Russia, and other countries’ use of economic power to coerce others into positions of disadvantage. Gray zone techniques discussed include cyber espionage, forced technology transfers, and debt-dependency.

Gen. Joe Dunford on: “Gray zone” warfare, below the threshold of armed conflict