The Kremlin False Narrative: the myth of fighting the Ukraine Nazi regime and its western supporters


The number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are known to be high, but figures vary considerably and one of several unconfirmed reports recently claimed, “So far, around 18,000 have been killed and over 30,000 wounded” and many images of destroyed armour, convoys and dead Russian soldiers support  many claims of high Russian losses, but whatever the true costs these continue to be kept from the Russian people.

Alleged war crimes now being investigated

The world continues to hear disturbing eye witness accounts supported by images of mass graves, civilians shot in the streets, mutilated bodies and other alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops which are currently  being investigated by international prosecutors. At the time of writing Russia has been suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council and in response to this decision Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskpov, told journalists “Everything is blamed on Russia”  and like the Kremlin he and other Putin supporters reject evidence to the contrary.  The Kremlin also made the opaque statement, “they will defend their interests.” (BBC News 7 April 2022)


After the introduction of draconian laws, the independent press in Russia was purged and replaced by journalists and news networks  loyal to the Kremlin and by design there is little access to non-Russian news services. According to recent reports from inside Russia Kremlin misinformation/disinformation continues to be a powerful tool for shaping Russian public opinion.


Some researchers claim western sanctions and the invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin call de-Nazification, has been be used to great effect by the Kremlin news services and 83% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s ‘Special Operations’ and seven in ten Russians have negative feelings towards NATO,  United Sates, European Union and others opposing Russian aggression.

The Kremlin’s success during their battle of perception continues to be based on narrative identity and the narrative of the nation by looking at the past to create motivation and justification for the present through constant reminders of the Soviet Union’s Great Patriotic War (WW2) against Nazi Germany and labelling Ukraine and its elected government as ‘Nazis’ can be seen as the most single most powerful element for unifying Russian national identity whilst using visual metaphors to deny everything including war crimes whilst blaming others.

According to various well placed commentators many Russians believe these war crimes are ‘false flags’ and part of a western conspiracy led by America and NATO during a continued proxy war against Russian and Dunbas was sold to America to allow their nuclear weapons to be aimed at Russia.


According to Alexandre Baeva, Coordinator of the ECHR Program on Human Rights, Putin setup a media channel to encourage ‘good citizens’ to report ‘traitors’ and Russia is like 1939,  also according to Baeva “People are scared and informing on each other.”

Although Kremlin messaging appears to have resonated among normal Russian citizens indications suggest their information war is failing to influence a significant number of people living in western democratic countries and have increasingly began targeting Africa, south and southern Asia and this is supported by the number of trolls from these regions found on social media echoing Kremlin propaganda.


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Russian Misinformation/Disinformation supporting the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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According to several press reports filed before the Russian government passed draconian laws to silence the free press in Russia, an estimated 14,000 war protesters mainly in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are said to have been arrested. The Kremlin’s false narrative directed towards the Russian people which manipulates prior cultural attitudes especially fatalism; the meaning of nationalism, patriotism and the promotion of a distorted view of Russian history are among the Kremlin’s concerted effort to convince Russian civilians the United States and the NATO alliance has hostile intent against the Russian Federation.

Alan Malcher Russian Propaganda   

Through state-controlled news networks the Russian people continue to be spoon- fed a diet of false news and so-called expert analysis to encourage the acceptance of an alternative reality based on the Kremlin’s own moral universe: the Russian people now live in a world which through the power of narrative is little more than a manipulative relationship between the oppressive Russian government and its people. By dominating the news cycle the Kremlin continues to create myth and reality at the same time which is framed by an agreed context within a cognitive environment by shaping public debate and influence without outside distractions (from the worlds media) and Putin hopes his strategy of deception supported by draconian laws to silence opposition will convince the people of Russia to support his desire to rebuild Russia on the Soviet model which can only be achieved through aggressive military expansionism.

To ensure state mews management is not challenged, all independent news networks in Russia have ceased to exist and any journalist questioning the official narrative or even describing the conflict in Ukraine as a ‘war’ or a Russian invasion could find themselves serving 15 years in prison. Independent journalism has been replaced with news networks and journalists loyal to Putin who are redirecting discussions by overtly simplifying phrases and arguments to support the illusion of Russian ‘special operations’ being a force of liberation against enemies of Russia.

Russia fighting to liberate the people of Ukraine from a Nazi Regime

If the Russian people had access to independent news and the evidence put forward by professional journalists, the International Red Cross, the United Nations, and various  non-government organisations they would be in no doubt this is a Russian invasion and most Ukrainian civilians including those of Russian speaking communities have taken up arms to defend their nation against what they call “Russian invaders” and “oppressors” from a tyrannical regime. The people of Ukraine are fighting to maintain their independence, democracy and freedom. Also, Putin’s so-called ‘liberation of the Donbas Region’ is no more than a continuation of the 2014 Russian invasion of the region which was replaced by their proxy war.

1372164611               Alan Malcher Ukraine6    Putin and his inner circle continue to claim the Russian army is fighting a “Nazi regime”, again,  if the Russian people had access to independent news and unbiased expert commentary many would be aware only the Kremlin and Russian forces can accurately be described as Nazis. The continued artillery and rocket bombardment of cities and towns filled with civilians, the bombardment of humanitarian corridors and other war crimes currently being investigated by the international community and the forced deportation of civilians to Russia is reminiscent of Nazi Germany during their invasion and occupation of large parts of Europe during the Second World War and the Russian ‘Z’ Symbol has been likened  to the Swastika used by the Third Reich.

z prop     z   

A freelance photojournalist put the ongoing Russian war crimes into perspective when he told Sky News (25 March 2022) about the smell of rotting corpses of civilians buried under the rubble of their homes, dogs eating body parts,  mass graves at the side of the road and Russian starvation tactics against besieged civilians.

Russian war dead

Although figures are impossible to verify, it has been claimed by various sources around 14,000 Russian soldiers may have been killed and these claims are supported by many images showing columns of destroyed Russian armour and convoys and dead Russian soldiers scattered around the countryside and streets of Ukraine.

Unlike the official Russian narrative this so-called ‘Special Operations’ is not a war of ‘liberation’: most Ukraine civilians including many from Russian speaking communities continue to show defiance against what they call the ‘invaders’ and are fighting Russian forces throughout Ukraine.

Kremlin Narrative: Russia under threat and the shifting of blame

False statements from the Putin regime claiming Russia has been threatened by Ukraine which is controlled by the United States and NATO is not only false but has a striking similarity to lies put forward by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi politician and Reich Minister for propaganda, during World War Two.

It is important for Russian readers to understand Vladimir Putin is responsible for an unprovoked attack against Ukraine and though NATO and other democratic nations support the Ukraine Resistance by supplying defensive weapons and many Russian citizens continue to suffer from economic sanctions enforced by most of the international community, it needs to be emphasised the Kremlin narrative is false: this is not aggression towards the people of Russia by NATO, EU, the United States or the democratic countries which are not part of the NATO alliance, as already stated, this is a reaction to Putin’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine and to prevent Putin reconstituting the former Soviet Empire which threatens eastern Europe and beyond. NATO has sent troops, sophisticated weapons and equipment to eastern Europe to prevent further Russian aggression and there should be no doubt that an attack against a NATO member would swiftly result in the destruction of the Russian military.

Nuclear blackmail

nuclear 2   

After Putin threatened nuclear war, the Russian people should be left with no doubt a nuclear attack against a NATO member would immediately be met by a massive response from NATO’s three nuclear powers: United States, Britain and France. This fact raises an important question: is Putin bluffing or is he crazy enough to start a chain reaction which would ensure all life on earth is destroyed by making the Cold war expression ‘mutually assured destruction’ (Mad) a reality?

Important Advice to Russian readers

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Further reading: Sky News, BBC International News, Aljazeera news, CNN, France 24, Russia Today (RT), Moscow Times, NATO press releases, United Nations, comments from members of the International Red Cross.

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