Krystana Skarbek SOE Agent

Krystyna Skarbek (aka Christine Granville) OBE,GM was a Polish agent who worked for D Section SIS (MI6) before serving with the Special Operations Executive. During the war she became known for her daring exploits in German occupied Poland and France which was recognised by being awarded the George Medal.

Granville christine c1950 Alan Malcher

On 15 June 1952 she was stabbed to death inside a hotel in Earls Court London by a jilted lover who was stalking her. (Photos IWM)

Granville newspaper

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “Krystana Skarbek SOE Agent”

  1. Alan,

    I’m very interested in the SOE and where they went during WWII.

    Do you think you would ever do a walking tour to any locations

    We must have missed each other in 1 Para as I got there the penultimate winter in Bulford in Jan 1986.


    Mick Rayner

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