Free French During WW2: November 1940 to May 1943)

In French with English subtitles.

Authors description, “In central, eastern and northern Africa, during the Battle of Britain, on the Atlantic, many from metropolitan France and French colonies rallied to General de Gaulle’s call to carry on the fight alongside the Allies. The main objective was first to bring the French Empire on the side of the allies in order to prevent the Germans from using it. After Africa and the Pacific islands, Free France participated in the recapture of French islands in the Indian Ocean, of the French protectorate of Syria-Lebanon and French possessions in the Americas. With the rallying of French North Africa in November 1942 and the reconquest of French Tunisia by May 1943, Free France became strong enough to play its full part alongside the Allies for the reconquest of Europe.” (Nettempereur 2017)

Other videos with English subtitles about France during WW2 can be found on the Nettempereur youtube channel.

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

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