MI5 at War (Countering German Spies and the double-cross system during WW2)

(Time watch: The Spies that Fooled Hitler World War II)

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “MI5 at War (Countering German Spies and the double-cross system during WW2)”

  1. The remarkable work of the Twenty Committee and John Cecil Masterman who turned most of the Abwehr then SD spies so that they mislead those two organizations should not obscure the work of MI5 chief Guy Liddell.
    By the way the campaign in the 1960s by Chapman Pincher and Peter Wright to denounce Roger Hollis and Guy Liddel as Soviet agents must have been of great help to the KGB.
    Re Admiral Canaris do not forget that he sent a number of German Jews to Britain to spy for the Abwehr, but that he told them the would not be offended if the Abwehr never heard of them again.

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