Lawrence of Arabia (T. E. Lawrence) And His Legacy (BBC 2018)

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “Lawrence of Arabia (T. E. Lawrence) And His Legacy (BBC 2018)”

  1. An unimportant anecdote. I was 16 when I was introduced to HM the Queen, so it must have been 1960. We -my stepfather, my mother and I- had been invited to the Royal Premiere of Terrence Rattigan’s Ross at the Haymarket Theater in London. During the intermission my parents and I were separately presented to HM. Now I am going to egregiously violate the Official Secrets Act and reveal the whole of what I said to HM. I bowed my head as instructed and said: “Ma’am.” She said rather more but I was too impressed to remember much. I believed HM had been told than the year before I had interned for JFK in his last year as Senator, and she said something like: “Carry on!”.

    Ross was of course the second alias under which Lawrence had re-joined the army as a private and got himself killed in a motorcycle accident.

    While the Arabs are of course fully aware that Lawrence was a British spy, they generally recognize that he resigned his commission rather than betray his word to them..


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