Operation Biting: 2 Para raid on Bruneval 1942.

In February 1942 men of the newly formed 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment (2 Para) were sent to Bruneval in northern France to seize German radar equipment.

My only criticism is one video shows German paratroopers exiting a German aircraft and a number of photographs of non-airborne forces used to illustrate the raid.  Apart from these errors, this video provides a good oral historical presentation of the Bruneval Raid which became one of the Battle Honours of the Parachute Regiment.   


Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “Operation Biting: 2 Para raid on Bruneval 1942.”

  1. Bruneval
    A legendary story Alan, as a recruit learning military history was difficult with a lack of sleep and heating on full . My weakness. Bruneval Barack’s Aldershot, I spent a bit of quality time there, good and bad memories. It was interesting to see how many paratroopers were Jocks for this mission. The men of 2 Para are grateful for their bravery.

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