Pathe News 1942: RAF Daylight Raid on Valve Factory in Holland

This newsreel filmed by the crews features low-level flying at its best.

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

One thought on “Pathe News 1942: RAF Daylight Raid on Valve Factory in Holland”

  1. On 6th December 1942 the RAF mounted Operation Oyster, a daylight low level bombing raid on the Philips electronic company in Eindhoven, Holland, using among other aircraft De Havilland Mosquito B Mark IVs. It was hoped that this approach would minimize casualties amongst Dutch civilians. Wing Commander H I Edwards VC, was the Commanding Officer of No. 105 Squadron RAF and leader of the Mosquito force on the raid. It also provided the opportunity to build a well photographed publicity exercise around the whole raid. Only a small proportion of the aircraft on the raid were of this type, however.

    See “Low level daylight attack on the Philips plant, Holland”, , with many photos

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