Narratives: Pathways to Domestic Radicalisation and Martyrdom, International Terrorism (Dec 2014)

Narratives: Pathways to Domestic Radicalisation and Martyrdom, International Terrorism (Dec 2014)

The Virtual World of Modern Terrorism: Social Mapping to Understad Behaviour (Dec 2016)

Special Operations Executive in Wartime France (due for publication in June 2022)

Previous publications

Russian Spetsnaz: Ukraine’s Deniable ‘Little Men’ (Modern Diplomacy 10 May 2015)

Increasing Survival During an Aircraft Hijack (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.3, issue 5, 1994, also reproduced by the International Federation of Air line Pilots)

Analysis of Aircraft Hijackings and Government Response (IFAP and International Security Review 1994, Intersec Journal of International Security Vol.1, Issue2, 1994)

Modern Terrorist Technology and the Means to Counter it (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.4, Issue 6, June 1994)

MI5 and the IRA: Some Aspects of the reorganisation of counter-terrorist activity in the UK (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.8 Issue 3, March 1993)

Highgrove: Never on Her Majesty’s Secret Service (The Independent Newspaper 13 May 1993)

Hostage Survival: An outline of concerns (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.3, Issue 5, October 1993)

The Illegal Arms Trade during and since the Cold war (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.3, Issue, June 1993)

Private Security: How Good is It? (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.3, July/August 1993)

Tactics of the Urban Terrorist (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.2, Issue 5, October 1992)

Improvised Personal Security (Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol. 2, Issue 6, November 1992)

The Master Bomb-Maker and his methods (forwarded by Major-General Julian Thompson, Intersec Journal of International Security, Vol.8, Issue 3, March 1989)

Missiles Available Illegally (Flight International, 20 May 1989)

The 1990’s: The Decade of International Unrest? (Aspects of Criminology May 1989, republished by Sage Publications)

VIP Close Protection and the Private Security Industry: An International Problem? (The Police Journal 1989 * editor wrongly said I have a phd, republished by Sage Publications)

Author Goes on Shopping Spree in International Illicit Arms Market (Armed Forces Journal International, Vol.46, No.4, August 1989)

Sophisticated Weapons and their availability (The Police Journal 1989)

The Loyalist Paramilitaries: For God and Ulster (The Criminologist April 1988)

Soviet Stingers? (Air Force Monthly December 1988)

Known Citations/Mentioned by writers and academics

Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare (Hudson Institute Washington dc, briefing paper June 2017)

Active Measures of USSR against the USA, preface book, (The National Institute of Strategic Studies Ukraine, 2017)

Policing Social Conflict: A Balanced Approach, N Baxter The Police Journal 1999

Cascade of Arms: Managing Conventional Weapons Proliferation ( ed Andrew J. Pierre, Brookings Institution Press November 1997)

War Markets: Corporate and Organised Crime In Europe (Vincenzo Ruggiro Middlesex University, Sage Journal Social and Legal Studies, 1 March 1996)

Transnational Policing and the Making of Postmodern State, JWE Sheptycki, British Journal of Criminology 1995 (CCJS)

Aviation Terrorism: Historical Survey and Responses (Jin-Tai, Robert B. Munson, 14 December 1993)

An Analysis of the terrorist threat and the implications for a free America, KE Bannister, 1995

A Two Dimensional Typology of Crime Prevention Project, Jan JM Van Djik and Jaap de Waardi, Department of Crime Prevention Netherlands Ministry of Justice 1991

International Relations Research Institute China, Issues and Research (Vol.30, Issue 7-12, 1991)

A Buyer’s Market for Arms (The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol.46, p19, 14 May 1991)

State Watch EU Bulletin, 1 January, Vol.4, 1994 (* wrongly described as dr instead of MA)

Jillian Becker (Institute for the Study of Terrorism and the Becker Foundation) 1991

Future Perspectives regarding crime and criminal justice: Mentioned in a report for the fourth conference on crime policy organised by the Council of Europe on 9-11 May 1990 in Strasbourg (Dr, JJM Dijk, Head of Department of Crime Prevention Ministry of Justice, The Hague, document reproduced by US Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice)

The Drug Enforcement Agency in Latin America: The ins and outs of working around corruption, EA Nadelmann 1989

Theoretical Model of Policing of Conflicts, NSJ Baxter, Ashgrove Publishing 2001

The Terrors Network: The Secret War of International Terrorism (Clare Sterling 1981)

Public appearances (during 1990s)

Regular guest speaker on SKY and BBC Television News, BBC Radio 4 and 5, BBC Southern Counties Radio

Consultant for television investigative documentaries

Regular consultant for a number of productions including the award winning Big Story (produced by Roger Corke) which investigated the Rwanda Genocide and was broadcast by Channel 4 in 1993.

Author: Alan Malcher

Military historian and defence commentator

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